A Message from Mother Marcia: Holy Week 2018
March 26, 2018, 3:12 PM

The rites of Holy Week are at the very heart of the Christian year, central to our faith. We will journey with Jesus as he enters Jerusalem with joyous greetings and waving palms and then drop right into the reading of his passion on the way to and on the cross. We are reminded that Jesus' suffering and death had a purpose, and though his soul was troubled when the moment had arrived, he nontheless chose to face the fully human experience of dying so  that we might live a whole and holy life IN HIM.  

On Maundy Thursday we will celebrate Eucharist, as Jesus established it in his last supper with his disciples. Then we will remove all the vessels and vestments from the altar and leave it bare.  There will be no blessing or dismissal, and all will leave in reverent silence.

On Good Friday we celebrate Jesus conquering death itself...the reason we call that day "good". There will be solemn readings and the Passion story followed by the Veneration of the Cross. Once again, after praying the Lord's Prayer, we will leave in silence. Those who wish to do so may remain for the Stations of the Cross procession.

These rites prepare us more fully for the JOY AND DELIGHT of EASTER DAY.  I hope many of you will make time in your week be with Jesus in these times of solemn remembrance.

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